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FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT - PLEASE EMAIL warroombulletin@gmail.com

UPDATEd on 1-2-20


Kickstarter fulfillment for all regions and all Shopify orders made before Christmas 2019 are complete. 

Please contact customer support (link above), if you don't have your game or supplement.

ORDERS from shopify

Orders typically process and ship in a week or two. 

We will make announcements when sold out items are back in stock at the Shopify store.


We are using Tthe following companies for warehousing and shipping around the world:

  • USA - ShipBob (warehouses in CA,TX, and PA)

  • Europe and South America - HappyShops (based in Germany)

  • Canada - Snakes & Lattes (based in Ontario)

  • Asia and Australia/NZ - VFI Asia (based in China)

factory packing mistakes/damages

I am compiling a list of factory packing errors and damages to send to the manufacturer.  If you discover missing or broken components please email photos and descriptions to warroombulletin@gmail.com.  Check here for a LIST OF COMPONENTS FOR THE CORE GAME.