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FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT - PLEASE EMAIL warroombulletin@gmail.com

UPDATEd on 10-17-19

signature editions

30% of Signature Editions have shipped so far.  Larry is steadily working through these custom signings.  Someone (at your behest) will need to sign for the package.  Note to USA backers:  You can divert your delivery to a UPS store for pickup if needed.  UPS will email notifications of delivery (check your spam).  More USA and Canada is up next.  SE orders outside North America will be shipped out as soon as possible in November.  I'm keeping a close eye on Brexit and may send direct if needed.  Norway will also be direct.  If you don't have your Jumbo that comes with the SE please contact us.


We've run into problems with shipping freight from ShipBob (stuck for a month) and just when it was finally ready to go we ran into problems with Snakes & Lattes being able to coordinate customs... but S&L tells us the customs roadblock is now cleared and with luck the freight should finally be on its way next week.  Fingers crossed.

worried?  contact us

Besides Signature Edition backers, Canada backers, and recent Shopify orders, please contact us if you don't have tracking and/or haven't received your pledge or order.  Everyone else's game should be on its way, or in hand.  if not, let us know!

shipping mistakes

For those handful of folks who are still working through a problem of wrong boxes sent, or damages feel free to ping me for a status update.

factory packing mistakes/damages

I am compiling a list of factory packing errors and damages to send to the manufacturer.  If you discover missing or broken components please email photos and descriptions to warroombulletin@gmail.com.  Check here for a LIST OF COMPONENTS FOR THE CORE GAME.