Nightingale Games LLC is a board game publisher based in Western Massachusetts. It was founded in the summer of 2016 by Thomas Gale with the help of Joe Minton.

Thomas Gale is the owner of Nightingale Games.  He partnered with Larry Harris to develop Larry's latest grand board game. This project has been years in the making and is  truly massive.


We have completed a successful Kickstarter campaign October 30, 2017 for this founding project entitled: WAR ROOM. Sign up for our development bulletins to get a first-hand look at our upcoming projects.

Larry Harris is a celebrated professional game designer, creator of Axis & Allies and many others.

Thomas Gale is a professional game artist and game designer with over 20 years experience.

Joe Minton is a dynamic entrepreneur in the gaming industry with vast credentials.

Angus Reid is a videographer and producer, and the owner of Q Filmworks, based in Brattleboro, VT. 

Rory Madden is our logistics/fulfillment expert and a business development manager at DDM.

Kevin Chapman is our Rulebook guru/editor and has a great reputation for scrutinizing details.

The team behind war room


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