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Welcome!   Nightingale Games LLC is a board game publisher based in Western Massachusetts.

2016 Nightingale Games LLC was founded by Thomas Gale with the help of Joe Minton.  Thomas Gale is the owner of Nightingale Games LLC.  He partnered with Larry Harris (designer of Axis & Allies) to develop Larry's latest grand WWII board game: WAR ROOM, which had been in development since around 2012. 

2017 We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for WAR ROOM: A Larry Harris Game, raising over $400k.

2018 We launched our Shopify webstore.


2019 The first printing of WAR ROOM is released around the world with a print run of 2500 core games and 300 Signature Editions. 

2021 We launched our second Kickstarter for the 2nd edition of WAR ROOM in May, raising over $450k.


2022 We released the 2nd Edition of WAR ROOM in the summer, with a print run of 4,000 core games selling out  as pre-orders.  

2023 We released a 3rd printing of 1500 copies of the 2nd Edition of WAR ROOM, continuing sales world wide.  

2024 This spring, we plan to launch the Kickstarter for Larry's new grand war game, Imperial Borders, that we've been working on for the last 6 or so years!  Tom has also been working with another designer, Jim DuBois, on City of Demons for the past few years.


Set in Europe 1815, IMPERIAL BORDERS - The Congress of Vienna is a 2-6 player game with diplomacy, backstabbing, and post-Napoleonic warfare.   Click here to get notified when the Kickstarter launches.

Set in a post-apocalyptic futuristic city, CITY of DEMONS is a fast paced, 2 player (or solo) game.  Race to collect beacons, info, and junk to craft bizarre gear and discover the core.  Click here for more information.


Thomas Gale portrait

Thomas Gale is the owner of Nightingale Games LLC founded in 2016.  He worked for 25+ years in the computer game industry as lead artist, designer, and creative director before transitioning to his current role as publisher and artist in the board game industry.   

the game designers

Larry Harris portrait

Larry Harris is a celebrated professional game designer, creator of Axis & Allies and many others.  He is the inventor and designer of the board games, WAR ROOM and IMPERIAL BORDERS, partnering with Nightingale Games for development over the last decade.


Jim Dubois is a industry veteran game designer who invented CITY of DEMONS (coming in late 2024).  Back in the 1990s he worked as Lead Designer (with Tom as Lead Artist) at Cyberlore Studios on the hit computer game Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim as well as several others.  He founded Arcane Journeys in the early 2000s, releasing numerous mobile/browser games and board games. 


We are extremely grateful to our core playtesting team of 6 amazing fellows (in alphabetical order):

Adam Sherson, Chris Carnivale, Joe Churma, Randy Van Dyke, Todd Nicholson, and Vicent Wurster 

Many thanks to all the other testers too! 

Joe Minton portrait

Kevin Chapman is our rulebook editor for both WAR ROOM and IMPERIAL BORDERS and responds succinctly on the BoardGameGeek forum.  He has worked as editor on many other board games.

Joe Minton portrait

Joe Minton is a dynamic entrepreneur in the gaming industry with vast credentials.  He supported Tom in the formation of Nightingale Games LLC with business advice.

Joe Minton portrait

Angus Reid is a videographer and producer, and the owner of Q Filmworks, based in Brattleboro, VT.

He filmed the live shots and playtesting sessions for the Kickstarter video of WAR ROOM. 

Joe Minton portrait

Rory Madden was our logistics/fulfillment expert for the War Room Kickstarter campaigns. He is now a freelance Tabletop RPG Content Editor and Game Designer.


George Ledoux was our voice-over artist for the WAR ROOM Kickstarter campaigns. 


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