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LATE 2024

Your tribe's survival hinges on accessing hidden knowledge deep within a ruined city's tech center. As the bravest runner, you must sprint to the city's core, collecting beacons, information, and junk with which to craft bizarre gear. Endure scalding pockets of radiation and evade the lurking creatures known as Demons that grow deadlier near the city's center. Beat rival runners to reach the core and secure your tribe's future.




Jim DuBois is an industry veteran designer who designed the hit computer game Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. Other projects from that period include expansions for Warcraft II and Heroes of Might and Magic.


Since then he has continued to create fun games in a variety of mediums, including mobile and online, the latest being physical board games.

"One thing I strive for in each of my games is to make it supremely replayable and engaging over many plays." - Jim DuBois

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