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Version 123 (9/2/2019) - now with selectable text
Please email warroombulletin@gmail.com if you have corrections or want to volunteer translation work.
Die-cut printed China stickers will be available in October 2019 on the Shopify web-store.  A blank template is forthcoming too.
You may also download a slightly revised sheet with a few minor  corrections to print your own. I recommend glossy sticker paper.
Translation Links are forthcoming... meanwhile, look on BGG for translations - some are work in progress:

Deutsche (German) version 122 (link forthcoming... look on bgg)

Français (French) version 122 (link forthcoming... look on bgg)

Española  (Spanish) ... reference only, so far

Dansk  (Danish) ... in early stages

日本語 (Japanese) ... in early stages

Português  (Portuguese) ... in early stages

한국어  (Korean) ... 1st draft (link forthcoming... look on bgg)

MAJOR CHANGES (rule changes that affect game-play)
  • Sicily (T4) should have 1 Infantry at setup (Territory Card shows 2 incorrectly, Command Token is correct)

CLARIFICATIONS (elaboration, examples, or rewording for better understanding)

none (as of 9/2/2019)

MINOR CHANGES (typos, term consistency, negligible errors, punctuation)
(as of 9/2/2019 - thanks to Keiichi - changes from v121 to v123)
  • term consistency:  page 3 - "Landing Tags" corrected to "Arrow Tags"
  • term consistency:  page 17 & 18 - inserted the word "Battle" to read "Air and Surface Battle Stages"
  • term consistency: page 17 - "Nation's Resource Track" corrected to "Nation's Resource Chart"
  • negligible error: page 13 - "The Cruiser continues on to P-12" corrected to "The Cruiser continues on to P-13"